Finding a house in S'pore... with some help from Shahrukh Kha

Since the first day in Spore... me and Badz have been trying hard to find a place to stay...
although staying in the guest house for 15 days saves us some money... but me and guru, looking at our highly-constipated tambi partner who is overstaying in the guest house and doesnt even bother to say hi... and the crippled condition of the TV, Fridge, Washing machine and virtually everything there, just didnt want to stay there anymore... and yeah not having pillow in my bed also didnt help...

So, after snooping here n there for an agent... we found Zul... (again the same laugh from both the sides regarding names... ) a malay guy, whose English was the only way to keep is out of our tension and have a smiling face all the time...

The house is in Bishan, a peaceful area and beautiful locality in Spore... The owner is a Malay lady who came with an agent... and immediately we felt that we had an amazing chemistry... ofcourse with opposite reaction... the Landlady and the agent both are crazy about Shahrukh Khan... and as usual, we talked less about the house, the 21" color TV that we desperately wanted and more about Veer Zaara and Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna... She went on praising SRK for Veer Zaara, KANK and what not... and i kept committing my sins by agreeing to her blasphemous views while Badz gasped on me !!!

After signing the intent letters and promises of giving them some good SRK DVDs we finalized a home for two of us... !!!

So ... finally.. we have a house now... !!! Hurraaaay !!!!

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