of Daal, Chawal and some pappadams !!!

Having had food at almost all the joints in Lau Pa Sat... Me and Badz were finding it suicidal to go there again. The auspicious Diwali day gave us the chance of our life to find a chef in us... the first hurdle was to start the kitchen.... although we had brought with us all the needful utensils and necessary items a week back... but needed a spark to start the burner !!!

After remembering my Guru Santosh (who was like a dummies guide to cooking at Nadiad) I gave the first spark to my stove to make some tea !!! Although I know nothing about cooking but I have always been proud of my skills in making tea.... well.. until this very moment... Badri was kind enough to say the Tea was OKAY.... maaan... it tasted shitttt... and from that moment... me and Badri have been doing all the efforts (and all the permutations and combinations) to make a cup of strong Indian tea but with no luck... whom to blame... There are two culprits which came to our minds (apart from me and Badz)... The Brown Sugar ... and the Cartoned milk....

Anyways, the moment was fruitful enough to start the kitchen... and hence Badri has taken over as the head Chef of the room... We have successfully ( We 100% = Badri 90% + Me 10% ) prepared Daal Chawal and some pappadams... and believe me they do taste nice... much better than any joints at Lau Pa Sat foodcourt....

Yesterday we(read Badri) tried our hands at Khichdi... which also came out nice !!! and like our bosses put it... both of us have a greaat future ahead... !!!

What did you say you wanna eat ??? Malai Kofta and Kashmiri Pulao.... here you go !!!

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