... and then I can still feel relaxed because

  • Vinay Pathak, Suresh Menon, Sonia Raikkar, Purvi Joshi and Ranveer Shourey can still make me laugh ( The Great Indian Comedy Show)
  • Subbu and Tejas are still raring to go on the loooooong planned Goan escapade
  • Hyderabad is still a nice city... and I can roam around the roads in the nights on my T'Bird before it becomes another Bangalore or Mumbai.
  • I still have a hope to be financially stable and settle all my debts in the next 6 months
  • Whenever I call home... the first question that comes to Bhavesh, Mom or Dad's mind is "When am I coming home ?"
  • I believe Rajat Kapoor has still not given up on the Indian audience and has started working on his new project.
  • I know... whatever I do, wherever I am... Mihir, Gaurang, Alka-Mohit and Nikhil worry about me.... all of them are such wonderful people
  • My room sucks.... but my roomies ( Rahul and Badri) and the newly acquired fridge ROCK !!! We have decided to stock it with beer bottles and lock it so that the maid doesnt steal and get drunk !!!
  • The plans of joining the gym for the nth time are still on... !!!
  • ... am still waiting for somebody !!!