He looked at the reflection in the mirror...

The eyes were red. He couldn't remember whether they ever were white. The face looked haggard. The mirror, as per it's habit, returned the truth back to him. The water droplets were slipping down his face to the lower parts. The shower hadn't helped. He could still feel the fatigue hovering around him like the silence he was used to. For a moment or two, he thought of turning the shower back but then decided against it.

He pulled the towel and wiped his face clean. He looked at the scars on his body and remembered the days he used to feel ashamed of the disfigurements. A smirk came on his face. Now to look back, he thought, those were the normal days.
He dreaded the last step. He always had. To open, enter and face the outside world.

He gave the last look at the tired reflection and sighed. The face looked similar but it wasn't his own.
They had won... They had finally converted him.

image courtesy : Pradyumna Sarkar 

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