of Asses, Idiots, movies .... and Mr. Masand

Ever heard the famous line from Sholay ???

गब्बर तुम एक मारोगे तो हम चार मारेंगे 

Well... If not... Mr. Masand... has an even better line....

 गधे, तुम एक लाओगे तो मैं दो लाऊंगा 
.... well, obviously the reference as an ASS here is me.... So what if (as per Mr. Masand) there are only a handful of people who haven't liked Kites... while most of the "movie-geek"s are ravishing the gem which is not only brave but also ambitious...

The entire twittersation....

so being an ass... an idiot... I will follow Mr. Masand's advice.... I will suit myself in an Armani suit... 
but wait....who the hell will lend an Armani to a Thavrani.... Hey... Mr. Johar... Are you listening? I will write something good about your soon-to-be-released original "stepmom" :)

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Anonymous,  Monday, May 24, 2010 1:05:00 PM  

:D.. to say Masand is a critic is like saying "Shit tastes like kheer"!!.... I think you tried your best to ask Mr. Masand to stop writing.... but.. thats life... the Meek shall inherit the Earth!

Freak's paradise Monday, May 24, 2010 6:06:00 PM  

Thanks Anonymous,
Probably, that's the reason, we always trust people like Ebert even if we don't agree with him. Can't say the same about Masand who's the new Taran Adarsh.