The Betrayal

The brother :
You know, I have never forgotten it. I still have dreams of what happened initially in Keshod and then in Junagadh. Whatever money I had, I invested in the shop thinking it would be safe with her and her husband. How could they betray me. But I was wrong and stupid too... they kept giving me two hundred rupees and one day I was no longer a partner. I was a servant in my own shop. On some days, they would not give me my salary of 3 rupees a day. For them, they could club two days salary and give me on the next day... but for me... I could not buy the oil, rice and roti that could feed my family. I did not know how to deal in business... and I did not know to question people who were my own

The sister :
I couldn't stop anything. People kept telling my husband to kick his wife's brother out and he did it. My daughters tell me the destiny has taken a revenge on them because of whatever we did. There are days when he wakes up and asks.... Is it Keshod ?.... I think this is Keshod.

They talk of a man betraying his country, his friends, his sweetheart. 
There must be a moral bond first. 
All a man can betray is his conscience. - Joseph Conrad

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