Chandrakant Bakshi - The 4th quarter... !!!

"I have never given any of my articles to somebody for reading or for review before publishing, and have never believed in the double standards of modifying or glorifying my thoughts in my articles. Have written, sent and it has been published... and whenever the publisher has sent it back to me I have forgiven him for his stupidity....
KSHAMA VIRASYA BHUSHANAM... ( Forgiveness is the jwellery of the Brave... )"
-- Bakshinama ( Chandrakant Bakshi )

I believe I was in 11th when I came across 4 people... who In a way, were going to change the way I thought. I didnt know these people particularly. It was their books, their thoughts and their arrogance which attracted me. I used to read Chacha Choudhary, Gujarati Suspense Thrillers and some English ones by James Hadley Chase... and then I was given these 4 books by my dad and uncle.

The first one was Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach, The second one was Les Miserables by Victor Hugo, The third was a collection of poetry, collected in a span of many years by dad. and the last one was Bakshinama by Chandrakant Bakshi. Each of these four books, now seems that, shaped a quarter of my the way I think.

I had never seen a writer's ability to surprise more than Chandrakant Bakshi. He used to write with a sword and not a pen.

Just came to know that the best Gujarati writer, the man who shaped not my life but the way I think right now, the person who bred stubbornness and arrogance in me is no more... the fourth quarter is gone... I wish god best of luck when he faces Chandrakant Bakshi.

"Sarna, You know, why did I start drinking ? A strong man told me one peg is equivalent to one dose of suicide. I liked what he said - "
-- Aakar ( Chandrakant Bakshi )