Separation Part II : I wish...

I wish I could explain her how difficult it is for me to react when she reappears out of the blue... I wish I could explain her when she left there were many stones unturned... There are masks on each side and between us an opaque curtain... We still try to find eachother thru the masks and the curtain... and each of us depart with a sigh of losing the other. I sometimes try to take off my mask, shout and tell her that its me on the other side but the scare of not finding her the next time, even with the mask and curtain, is enough to stop me. I wish I could explain her all this...

Traitorous Love,
I had thought to know you
ere I grew tangled
in the paths of your dominion,
but you possess a roving eye
and a heart cooled
amidst the ashes
of ancient flame.

O for the wings of a dove,
that I might fly
from your slumberous embrace
into the valley of darkness,
into the arms of my
Morphean lover,

where nevermore might
mine own eye fault me,
mine own heart cool
and live again, a flame,
erring in its passion
for what would be wrong,
were love forbidden.