• Its been a little more than 3 months I have been in Mumbai for the second time in my life
  • In my first week I saw a dead body being taken out from a canal
  • Aishwarya-Abhishek, Malaika-Arbaaz still get more coverage here than hundreds of farmers who have committed suicide
  • I live very near to office and it takes only 20 minutes no matter what time or day it is
  • Although I have not brought my princess here I do ride a "small" bike here that belongs to my boss
  • Its not as tough as it used to be 5 years back and one of the major reasons is my locality which I have become quite fond of... Well I live in one of the poorest localities of Mumbai and yes based on that no banks are willing to give me a credit card and still a 1BHK flat here costs 35 lacs...
  • On weekends, I usually go out of Mumbai and if not, confine myself in my home or sometimes roam around Mulund, Thane and Powai, the three areas which essentially form my Mumbai..
Well... thats my Mumbai... struggle is thy middle name... !!!

Image : Saw this man sleeping with a mysterious smile at Dadar station...